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Responsive Government

When was the last time

that you felt empowered to make a difference in your city?

   We have nearly all become disconnected from our government and given up on participating in city matters. For most of us, we wouldn't even know where to start. When I am elected, connecting to your government will be easy. That's because I will bring the same leadership to the City that I brought to Cory Lake Isles as the Chairman of the $1.8M CDD. At Cory Lake Isles, we survey residents to learn what they want for their community and deliver on their vision. 

  Making it easy for residents to inform their government of their needs is the right way to govern because the government was made by the people for the people.  Our city government delivers the services that we need to live in a free and fair society. First and foremost, government protects us by enforcing our laws. It also pools our community resources - our tax dollars - to deliver services with a greater economy of scale; for example, water and fire protection.  The problem that can arise with government is that it has no competition, so individuals that provide government services can get lackadaisical and the quality of service can fall.  That is why it is so important to have a City Council representative who makes sure that your government is fulfilling its obligations to you and responding to your needs.

   In addition to normal municipal services, our city grows by adding amenities and structures that improve our lives.  The City Council is responsible for approving these improvements.  In most cases, council members will pick one item over another because a few constituents convince them it is the right choice to make.  That is the best that they can do because they don’t know what the majority of their constituents want.  If you elect me as your representative, that process will be greatly improved because I will use technology to make it easy for you to let me know what improvements you want to see happen in Tampa. I will do this by using surveys and open access communication to get your opinion. It will be easy for you and great for our city.

​  Does the principle of Responsive Government resonate with you? I would be honored if you elect me to serve as a leader of your city.  If you would like to give your input on important city matters, click Keep In Touch and stay informed.

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Responsive government

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