Citizen Cyril Spiro


civil liberties

          "Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness"                                   "Above all Liberty"

                - Thomas Jefferson                                                                           -  John Adams

   Lifelong frenemies, Jefferson and Adams, knew that the foundation of our great nation depended on the liberty and freedom of its citizens.  The same is true for our great city and the neighborhoods of District 7, from Forrest Hills to Terrace Park, and from Tampa Palms to Easton Park. When I am elected, the policies I will pursue as your representative will ensure that you are free to be who you want to be and enjoy the fruits of your labor in your pursuit of happiness.

​   In our city this principle translates into assessing new proposed city laws and operations for fairness to all citizens.  I will support laws and actions that free our residents to pursue their daily life unencumbered by over-regulation.  Furthermore, I will encourage laws that benefit the largest number of us and discourage laws that benefit a selected few to the disadvantage of others.  Above all, I will fight for two important types of laws and city operations. First, those that will support minority rights and next those that will support majority wants.  This is because rights are the foundation of our nation and wants are what make our nation grow.  And what will work for our nation, will work for our city.

​   Our city can do many things that encourage our residents to pursue their dreams and succeed.  Above all I will support city matters that lift up our citizens so that they can become independent, self-reliant and proud of themselves at all stages of their adult lives and careers. Lastly, as a physician with compassion for the sick and elderly, I will support matters that pool our community resources to help those who will not be able to help themselves.

​   Does the principle of Civil Liberties resonate with you?  I would be honored if you elect me to serve as a leader of your city.  If you would like to give your input on important city matters, click Keep In Touch and stay informed.​​

Guided by the principle of freedom and fairness in government stewardship

Civil liberties

Driven by the principle that the mission of your government is determined by you and your fellow citizens


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