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          Managing Your Tax Dollars Responsibility

   We all know that it takes money to build and manage a great city.  And, we know you can't get something for nothing.  But, we also know that what is measured is managed. And, not all deals are good deals.  So, a government that is managing a great and growing city must be innovative and vigilant to use our dollars wisely and effectively.  When I am elected to City Council, I will use my business experience to achieve this goal. I  earned a nationally ranked M.B.A. and have practiced businesses for two decades. I have founded, built and sold a company and manage several others. I am also the Secretary on the Finance Committee for a $1.8M government budget. 

​   As the Chair of the Cory Lakes CDD, which includes 2,500 residents, I helped lead an innovative project that sought out resident opinions about our annual budget. As a result, we discovered that we had allocated funding to activities that didn't interest residents. So, we made changes based on resident opinion and reallocated that money to the items that they wanted.  This is an example of how a government builds value for a community without increasing tax dollars.

​  If I am elected as your representative for District 7, I will expand this project to our entire district, giving you an opportunity to tell me what you value in our City Budget.  You will be able to share with me what you think our government does that is worth the money and what it does that is not.  In turn, I will go to the City Council to represent your vision.

​  Does the principle of Fiscal Responsibility resonate with you? I would be honored if you elect me to serve as a leader of your city.  If you would like to give your input on important city matters, click Keep In Touch and stay informed.​​


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